Name of insiders Position Total holdings (number of shares)   Last changes (numbers of shares)
Last change
Marinus Blaabjerg Sörensen Chairman 2.485.000  * - -
Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen Board Member 2.485.000  ** - -
Jessica Tyreman Board Member 0   - -
Lennart Sjölund Board Member 13.000  *** +3.000 2015-09-15
Ivan Ruscic
Group Chief Accountant
0   - -


According to First North acquis listed companies are obliged to publish a list on it's website of individuals who are insiders in the company. The purpose of the regulations regarding transparency reporting on First North is that the information corresponds to the information that would have been sent to the FSA if the Company were listed on a regulated market. In case of any doubt regarding the interpretation of the rules on transparency reporting, the same interpretation of the rules made by the companies listed on a regulated market.

Please let Ivan Ruscic via email: if you become insider in New Nordic Healthbrands AB (publ).

* 2,485,000 shares are owned by Fjord Capital ApS, where Marinus Blåbjerg Sørensen is CEO and where he and his family owns 100%  privately and via companies.

** 2,480,000 shares are owned by Vaccinium Holding ApS, where Karl Kristian Jensen Bergman is CEO and owns 62.4% privately and via companies. Additionally Karl Kristian Jensen Bergman owns 5,000 shares privately.

*** 13.000 shares are owned by Lennart Sjölund